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April Meeting Minutes by Gloria Sender

The April SSIP209 meeting met for dinner at Asia Restaurant in Stone Ridge on April 9, 2016.  Thirteen members attended. Celebrating the 5th anniversary of SSIP 209, each attendee had $10.00 deducted from his/her bill, compliments of SSIP’s treasury.   

Liability in case of an automobile mishap while a member was giving a ride to another member was discussed.  SSIP does not have insurance, so the liability would be taken be the car owner’s insurance.
Tai Chi for seniors was discussed.  Florence will look into this possibility.

Vivi Hlavsa will be having back surgery on Tuesday.  If necessary, she suggested that we call her son, David, for information about her condition.  His number is 206-579-9387. 

Florence suggested that we not have all our email addresses revealed on mail from SSIP.

Our next meeting will be held at the High Falls Café on June 10, at 12 noon.

Respectfully submitted, Gloria Sender

Recommended Landscaper. by Vivi Hlavsa

I have found someone to do lawn work who comes highly recommended.  Very nice, pleasant person, hard worker, also skilled in carpentry, etc.  He charges according to the lawn size. For carpentry, he charges $20 per hour. 
His name is Rob Beckvermit.  His phone is 845-417-7088.
Grab him quick.  He sounds like a winner.

Minutes for Febrary 13th Meeting by Marcia Clark

Meeting took place at Di Bella’s on Lucas Avenue in Kingston at 11:30 AM.  This was earlier than usual to accommodate an Origami Demonstration and Workshop by Jill Obrig.
Present: ViVi Hlavsa, Gloria Mirsky, Millie Meyer, Gloria Sender,  Shirley Bernard, Florence Staats, Marcia Clark, Jill Obrig, Mary Jones.
The origami workshop was a lot of fun.  We began by making valentines, which if glued,  could later be filled with candies. First we used a test sheet of  colored paper and then graduated to origami paper. Next we learned how to make a swan, which was done in 29 steps and involved peak and valley folds.  Many thanks, Jill!
ViVi reports that there is a request from two people in Saugerties to start an SSIP. Since there are already a number of organizations in Saugerties that cater to the elderly, this will require further discussion. 

Looking back, we are reminded that ViVi, Florence and Gloria started our SSIP 209 which grew to 5 SSIPs in the area. Recently, the Tri-County SSIP in Fleischmans changed its name to Catskill Neighbors. Since their membership is much more spread out than we are, they meet only once a month.  Also they have a procedure for becoming a volunteer, which requires an application and training.  Their President, Ralph Darmstadt, reports they have a website:
We should be alert to other communities in the vicinity that would benefit from setting up a new SSIP. 
Mary Jones gave the financial report. We have $2,027.43 in the treasury.  She will look into having SSIP advertised on the placemats at Lydia’s. 
The Freeman lists our Wednesday Mornings every Tuesday and we are also listed in the Bluestone Press.
Gloria Mirsky reports that an organization called Neighbor to Neighbor has been taken over by Office for the Aging, along with RSVP.
Jane Riley’s daughter, Peggy Watson, runs Angel Home Health Care Agency.  They wish to share donations that include a supply of Depends, Walkers, Crutches, a commode chair, and a hi tech electric chair.  Millie reported there is an agency in New Paltz that may have similar supplies to offer.  Millie will see if they need any of these items.  Meantime, SSIP members should let ViVi know if they can use these supplies.
The Office for the Aging now has Mall Walking every week and offers Tai Chi, help with taxes and lawyers.  Gloria Mirsky will see if they can offer a gardening workshop at the next meeting.  Suggested topic:  techniques for container gardens and raised beds.
When Gloria Sender agreed to take over the job of Secretary, she was given a round of applause. 
Next meeting will be second Saturday on April 9th.  We will meet at Di Bella’s at 12:30 PM

A Warning about Anti-Virus Defender by Marge Roberts

If you get a message from an "Anti Virus Defender" that your computer has "Trojans", "Viruses", etc and your Browser locks up, DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER. They will want to ransom your computer to 'fix' it.

Just turn off your computer and restart it.

Don't fall for this! Your computer does not have a virus!

Cleaning Lady by Vivi Hlavsa

A friend reports that she has a very efficient -- and very pleasant -- cleaning lady, Lana Mysak. Lana is Ukrainian and is part of the Ukrainian community near the Ukrainian Foundation off of 44/55. 

Lana is looking for another client in the area.  Everyone speaks highly of Lana.  If you are interested, you can call Lana direct at 845/626-4992

March Business Meeting Minutes by Vivi Hlavsa

March Business Meeting was held at the High Falls Café with some 16 members in attendance.
  1. April is the Month for our Annual Dues.

    Please send your $25 to Mary Jones, Box 154, Stone Ridge 12484. 

    In response to the Treasurer's report on diminishing funds, the group agreed to increase the fee for Monday Yoga (12:15 at the Marbletown Community Center) to $10 per session, and Max agreed to reduce his fee for the website and the newsletter to $20 per month. Thank you, Max.
  2. Wednesday morning coffee at Lydia's Country Deli is still a pleasant time for chats.
  3. Game Day, the last Friday of month, is continuing, with about 6 people-enough for a table of bridge and a hot game of UpWords. We hope to expand with the warmer weather.
  4. We will restart our Friday morning walks on Friday, April 17th , at the Cottekill Rail Trail, weather permitting.
  5. NEXT BUSINESS MEETING: We're going to try meeting at the Red Lobster in Kingston (across from Office Depot) on Saturday, May 9th at 12 noon. There's a comfortable group room at the back which has been reserved for us.
  6. Update on Shirley Bernard. Barbel and ViVi visited her at Benedictine. She's doing well after a fall at home. She has agreed to take over the List Manager's job, when Florence leaves in May. 

    Thank you, Florence, and Shirley! 

Food Matters Recap by Judy Deming

The subject of food has so many possibilities, and our speakers covered a lot:

  • Brooke Pickering-Cole introduced us to the exciting new Hudson Valley Farm Hub project, which will come to affect all of our local farmers and our local food.
  • Rachel Robinson told us about the diet, nutrition, and shopping services available to anyone, free of charge, at our supermarkets (She is at ShopRite). Who knew?
  • Margaret Gagnon , an expert in community resources, introduced us to the many services available to our population, regarding food and health.
  • And John Novi, entertaining and skilled chef at DePuy Canal House, is an example of how our local restaurants are making creative use of local foods and bring in the public with such plans as: grandparent/grandchild cooking classes.

We really had fun with this one, as we batted around ideas and worked out details. We've gotten lots of feedback and are already thinking about next year, which will be bigger and better. We hope that some of you will join us with your ideas and help.


February Business Meeting

We will be meeting at DiBella's Restaurant on Lucas Avenue next Saturday, February 13th at 11:30 AM.  A friend of Mary Jones's, Jill Obrig, will show us how to do some origami, then we'll have lunch with a free dessert in honor of those who have winter birthdays.

Please come and celebrate with us!

Tai-Chi for Arthritis



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Two locations:

Rosendale:  Monday and Thursday, 10 AM

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at the Rosendale Recreation Center


Kingston:  Monday 11 AM and Friday 2 PM

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at the Andy Murphy Midtown Neighborhood Center

468 Broadway in Kingston


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