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Upcoming State Budget by Gloria Mirsky

As Gov. Andrew Cuomo prepares his state budget proposal for 2016-17 AARP is urging him to increases funding for services that can help more New Yorkers stay in their homes as they age.

In 2014 about 10,000 state residents were on waiting lists for in-home services, up from about 7,000 in 2013. In-home assistance with meals, bathing and other tasks can help people avoid or delay moving into expensive nursing homes.  "These services also provide critical support to family caregivers at risk of burnout" said Beth Finkel, AARP state director.

The governor will submit his proposed budget to legislators in January.
To urge him to eliminate waiting lists for in-home services, call 844-254-6884 Toll Free.

SSIP 209 Take Action! by Vivi Hlavsa

I just sent the letter below to the Freeman and the New York Times.  I doubt if it will make it into the Times, but I'm hoping you can help get the word out to others areas of NY state.  We are planning a writing campaign on this issue.  I'll be sending out suggested letter patterns for you to write to your representative.  And I would suggest you enlist the help of other seniors (and persons of disabilities) in the New York area.  Many thanks for your help.  ViVi

Letter to the Editor:
Targeting seniors and the disabled, New York State wants to cut back on services.  Our legislators are in the process of trying to merge the agencies for the aging and the disabled.  They are calling the projected combination: The Bureau of Community Living.  Wonderful.  How sunny!  Why not throw in Child Services?  Or alcoholics?  

With people living longer and Baby Boomers joining the ranks, the senior population will need more, not fewer services.  Sure, seniors are stepping up, forming “aging in place” organizations to help themselves and others stay in their own homes.  But we need the ongoing professional help of lawyers, tax accountants, caregiver assistants, transportation and even just opportunities to learn and meet others that our Office for the Aging has been providing.
This move will short-change both seniors and the disabled.  We of SSIP (Settled and Service in Place) urge all concerned to attend one of the nearby hearings listed below.  And write to your state representative.  Let’s show the New York State Legislators that, disabled or aging, we can still shout out, We ain't dead yet!

                                      ViVi Hlavsa, President, SSIP 209
        Kingston, New York

Pre-registration is required at:
Or call Abbey Lavazzo at (518)391-4553 or email,
  • September 21, 9:00-11:00a.m, Albany
    September 21, 2:00-4:00p.m. Plattsburgh
    September 22, 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m., Syracuse
    September 22, 2:30-4:30p.m., Binghamton
    September 30, 9:00-11:00a.m., Farmingville
    September 30, 1:00-3:00p.m., Brooklyn
    October 1, 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m., Newburgh
    October 7, 9:00-11:00a.m., Buffalo
    October 7, 1:30-3:30p.m., Rochester

Ulster County Animal Response Team (UCART) needs your help. by Florence

Ulster County Animal Response Team (UCART) needs your help.

What is UCART?  UCART is an all volunteer Animal Response Team to be deployed at the request of Ulster County Emergency Management. Pre-trained volunteers will assist local emergency management officials, as needed, in all phases of an emergency or disaster that impacts animals.

IF disaster strikes, your donation of the following items can make the difference.

Paper  towels for cleaning, dog collars/leashes/leaders, food and water dishes (all sizes, stainless steel), extension cords, power strips, candles and matches, heavy duty plastic bags (large and medium) and trash bags (all sizes), duct tape and storage tape, bungee cords, flashlights  batteries and bedding (sheets/blankets/comforters/towels - can be used, but clean, please).

 If you wish to donate any of the needed items please bring them to our SSIP209 Wednesday morning coffee hour (9:30 am) at Lydia’s Deli on route 209 south of Stone Ridge. I will be collecting donations of items September 23rd and the 30th. If you cannot make the Wednesday dates or times please email me at and I will get back to you to arrange an alternative pickup.

A Warning about Anti-Virus Defender by Marge Roberts

If you get a message from an "Anti Virus Defender" that your computer has "Trojans", "Viruses", etc and your Browser locks up, DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER. They will want to ransom your computer to 'fix' it.

Just turn off your computer and restart it.

Don't fall for this! Your computer does not have a virus!

Free Solar Energy Panel Estimate by Roberta Gould

Roberta Gould recommends SSIP members to call Call Cheryl Mac at 331-1111 and check to see if your home is suitable for solar energy panels.

No obligation. Free estimate and/or assessment. They will say what's possible and not possible.

We're Walking by Vivi Hlavsa

  Friday mornings 9 AM at the Leggitt Road entrance to the Rail Trail. 

When it gets too hot, we'll move it to earlier. 

Join Us.

Cleaning Lady by Vivi Hlavsa

A friend reports that she has a very efficient -- and very pleasant -- cleaning lady, Lana Mysak. Lana is Ukrainian and is part of the Ukrainian community near the Ukrainian Foundation off of 44/55. 

Lana is looking for another client in the area.  Everyone speaks highly of Lana.  If you are interested, you can call Lana direct at 845/626-4992

March Business Meeting Minutes by Vivi Hlavsa

March Business Meeting was held at the High Falls Café with some 16 members in attendance.
  1. April is the Month for our Annual Dues.

    Please send your $25 to Mary Jones, Box 154, Stone Ridge 12484. 

    In response to the Treasurer's report on diminishing funds, the group agreed to increase the fee for Monday Yoga (12:15 at the Marbletown Community Center) to $10 per session, and Max agreed to reduce his fee for the website and the newsletter to $20 per month. Thank you, Max.
  2. Wednesday morning coffee at Lydia's Country Deli is still a pleasant time for chats.
  3. Game Day, the last Friday of month, is continuing, with about 6 people-enough for a table of bridge and a hot game of UpWords. We hope to expand with the warmer weather.
  4. We will restart our Friday morning walks on Friday, April 17th , at the Cottekill Rail Trail, weather permitting.
  5. NEXT BUSINESS MEETING: We're going to try meeting at the Red Lobster in Kingston (across from Office Depot) on Saturday, May 9th at 12 noon. There's a comfortable group room at the back which has been reserved for us.
  6. Update on Shirley Bernard. Barbel and ViVi visited her at Benedictine. She's doing well after a fall at home. She has agreed to take over the List Manager's job, when Florence leaves in May. 

    Thank you, Florence, and Shirley! 

January Business Meeting Minutes by Marcia Clark

  1. Colette Ruoff, spoke to us on Sage Talks, a non-profit that is partnering elders with songwriters.
  2. Mary Jones, Treasurer, reported that we have a balance of $1,771.40. That will be fine for this year, but next year we will be short if we continue spending $100 per month for yoga and $50 per month for Newsletter and Website.
  3. Report on President's Activities
    1. Taconic and Kingston branches invited ViVi to pleasant luncheon celebrations. Taconic now has around 30 members. Kingston, around 40 members, now has a website: Check it out. b) ViVi will be speaking about forming new branches in Palisades (at the invitation of Alice Gerard) on February 19 th and Nanuet (at the invitation of Jim Evers) sometime in the future.
    2. Other SSIP branches are realizing the need to involve more people in the organizational structure. Especially as this president ages, we will need new leadership. Beginning in our “new year,” April, these jobs should be taken over by others:
      1. Chris Hellen volunteered to do the mailing to those w/o email
      2. Lee Crummins volunteered to do the calling
      3. President and program chair still to be determined
      4. Secretary for Business Meetings still to be determined
      5. Please find a way to help keep us going!
  4. Discussion of Activites at the Marbletown Community Center:
    1. Game Day has been moved to the fourth Friday of the month, 1-3:30, beginning in February. Free. Bridge and UpWords.
    2. Yoga continues on Monday, 12:15 $5
    3. Free Marbletown Community Exercise, 11:30 every Friday except the first of the month. Friday early morning walks will begin again in the Spring.
  5. We congratulated Max for his work on the Newsletter and Website. It was suggested that he make the Service Providers page printable.
  6. Lee Crummins reported on Ulster Corp activities.
  7. The next Business Meeting will be held on Saturdeay, March 14 th at the High Falls Café on Stone Dock Road. ViVi have us all participate in a memoir writing session.

Food Matters Recap by Judy Deming

The subject of food has so many possibilities, and our speakers covered a lot:

  • Brooke Pickering-Cole introduced us to the exciting new Hudson Valley Farm Hub project, which will come to affect all of our local farmers and our local food.
  • Rachel Robinson told us about the diet, nutrition, and shopping services available to anyone, free of charge, at our supermarkets (She is at ShopRite). Who knew?
  • Margaret Gagnon , an expert in community resources, introduced us to the many services available to our population, regarding food and health.
  • And John Novi, entertaining and skilled chef at DePuy Canal House, is an example of how our local restaurants are making creative use of local foods and bring in the public with such plans as: grandparent/grandchild cooking classes.

We really had fun with this one, as we batted around ideas and worked out details. We've gotten lots of feedback and are already thinking about next year, which will be bigger and better. We hope that some of you will join us with your ideas and help.


February Business Meeting

We will be meeting at DiBella's Restaurant on Lucas Avenue next Saturday, February 13th at 11:30 AM.  A friend of Mary Jones's, Jill Obrig, will show us how to do some origami, then we'll have lunch with a free dessert in honor of those who have winter birthdays.

Please come and celebrate with us!

Tai-Chi for Arthritis



Improve Strength, Balance, Posture

Reduce Falls and Stress


Two locations:

Rosendale:  Monday and Thursday, 10 AM

(beginning January 25th)

at the Rosendale Recreation Center


Kingston:  Monday 11 AM and Friday 2 PM

(beginning February 8th)

at the Andy Murphy Midtown Neighborhood Center

468 Broadway in Kingston


To Register,

call the Office for the Aging


Business Meeting Announcements

  •  We're up to 50 members!   
  •  We approved placing an SSIP ad on the placemat at Lydia's.
  •  Needed: 
                    List Manager
                    Someone to call non-email members about events
                    Maureen Brivett agreed to do the calling

  •  David Bronson is doing well after a stint in the hospital.
  •  Many thanks to Mary Jones for her outstanding hospitality at the United Methodist Church.
  •  Many thanks to David Levy for the lovely program on flutes.

Vivi drove down to Rockland County (Nyack area) on Monday to speak to a potential SSIP-like group. Quite dynamic: full of all kinds of interesting, and even ambitious, ideas. Great exchanges. They're going to keep her on their mailing list.

If you have unwanted and unopened prescriptions, they can be donated to the Iowa Prescription Drug Donation Program. For information and a donation form, go to or call 1-866-254-6884 Toll Free.

A big welcome to new member: Sandy Sklar from Rosendale. Her info will be put on the web shortly.

November SSIP Business Meeting

SSIP Business Meeting, Saturday November 14th, begins at 12:30 PM at the United Methodist Church, on Route 209, just south of Stone Ridge.  Bring a bag lunch.   Coffee, tea and a dessert will be provided by Mary Jones (and she makes wonderful desserts). 

Our program, beginning at 1PM and will feature David Levy, local musician, poet and commentator on the lovely and the sad things of life.  He plays Native American style flutes, instruments with the power to soothe and inspire.  If you have been a patient or a visitor at the hospital in Kingston, you may have heard him playing in the corridors or patients rooms.  His music brings joy to all who have the opportunity to hear him.  

This is special.  Be sure to come and bring a friend.  All welcome!

Thanksgiving Basket Registration


People's Place, 17 St. James Street, Kingston


October 10th - November 18th (Distribution is on Monday, November 23rd)


Anyone living in Ulster County who has food insecurities.

For more information, please call 338-4030 or email

Living Your Life To THe Maximum

Senior Autumn Festival

Circles of Caring Conference

Jewish Family Services of Ulster County


8th Annual Circles of Caring Conference:

“Living Your Live to the Maximum”

Friday, November 6, 2015


8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Best Western Hotel

503 Washington Ave., Kingston, NY


$30 per person. $25 Student Rate (with ID)

Price includes continental breakfast and buffet lunch


Register Now!

Send completed form & check payable to:

Jewish Family Services

Address: 280 Wall Street

Kingston, NY 12401


For more Information:

Call: (845) 338-2980

Fax: (845) 331-4875


Window on Pilates

AAUW and SSIP invites you to
"Window on Pilates"

a special
free demonstration of Pilates

Maiya Greaves 

September 1st, 2015
5:00 PM
at the
Stone Ridge Healing Arts Center

3457 Main Street (Route 209)
Stone Ridge 

If you need a ride or have questions,

contact ViVi or 331-0155

Movie Night by Ulster County Animal Response Team

UCART is showing the film, "Left Behind Without a Choice: Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue" and you are invited to attend. 

The film is 80 minutes long and we'd like to show it to members of UCART and other interested individuals to give a better sense of the process and dedication of emergency animal responders. 

The movie is FREE (but donations are always welcome). 

A huge thank you to Lucy Muller for purchasing this film for us to show!  Food and beverages are permitted at the Marbletown Community Center.

Next SSIP 209 Business Meeting

Thursday, July 16th at Noon until 2p.m.
We'll be meeting at the Dibella's Restaurant, 405 Lucas Avenue. (Newly re-opened, DiBella's is on the left-hand side of Lucas, about two buildings before Stewarts, almost to Kingston.) Directions.

We've made arrangements for Jim Gordon to speak on a low cost way of getting delicious foods delivered to your home. We've also made arrangements for a free slice of chocolate cake to celebrate all the summer birthdays.

 Hope to see you there!

Senior Prom Dancing

Senior Prom Dancing

SENIOR PROM - Dinner! Dancing! Dress up!

For Seniors 60 Years and Older!

Monday, June 22, 2015
Noon - 2 p.m.

RSVP a Must! 845-340-3456

Rosendale Recreation Center
Route 32, Rosendale,NY

Elder Abuse Prevention Conference

Educational sessions for Professionals

Financial Absure/Forensic Accounting
Screening Tools/Psychotropic Drugs

Informational Sessions for the Community

Identity Theft / Scams / Tenant-Landlord Rights / Power of Attorney

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015
BRC, 1 Development Court, Kingston NY
RSVP, Space is limited 845-340-3456

This Free Event starts at 9 a.m. sharp and Includes Lunch with Registration.

Rondout Valley Holistic Health Communit

At the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community, healthcare takes body, mind, emotions, and spirit into account as health issues are addressed. We ask patients to play an active and responsible role in the healing process.  To help people learn how to help themselves, we offer a series of monthly classes in holistic self-care.  Your body knows how to heal itself when given the proper support.  Come and learn a variety of methods to support your own well-being.


Our Self-Care class is next week on Thurs. May 7th and this month's Healthcare Day will be on Tues. May 19th.


Arctic Paintings by Marcia Clark

arctic paining

Marcia Clark, Artic Paintings Feb 24 - March 21

Reception: Thursday, February 26, 5 to 8 PM

Marcia Clark’s new Arctic paintings reveal a world of tundra and ice, suggesting the metamorphosis of a landscape by brush stroke, movement and rhythm. Her odysseys to Greenland and Iceland year after year are layered with personal meaning. “I keep returning to the Arctic and am captivated by the beauty of what I see”, states the artist. “But what was once excitement, witnessing the extraordinary and new, now holds the poignancy of a moment captured that’s passing away”. Multi-panel paintings in oil and smaller paintings on canvas and aluminum formats explore the tundra fragmented into puddles and bits of ice with small cascades flowing over the rocks, reminders of accelerated seasonal changes melting ice fields and sea ice.

Marcia Clark has exhibited at venues that include the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Museum of the City of New York, the Hudson River Museum, the Albany Institute of History and Art where she has had two solo exhibitions, the SIM Gallery in Reykjavik and the Ilulissat Kunstmuseum. She has been a recipient of the Childe Hassam Award, a National Endowment of the Arts Artist in Residence grant, and has written for Smithsonian Magazine, retracing travels of Thomas Cole, first of the Hudson River School painters. Clark has a BFA degree in painting from Yale University and a MFA degree from SUNY New Paltz. This is her ninth exhibition at Blue Mountain Gallery.

Panel Discussion: Saturday March 14, 5 PM,
Seeing is Believing: Artists Confronting Climate Change,
Moderator: Martica Sawin
For further info: (646) 486-4730 / /

January Business Meeting

Our next SSIP 209 Business Meeting will be on:

Saturday, January 31st, 12 noon at Lydia's Country Deli.

We will have two guests reporting. One, Colette Ruoff, will open the meeting with an introduction to Sage Talks, a program which brings together songwriters and elders' stories.

Following lunch, Roy Capellaro will speak on:

The Healing Bridge: Secrets of the Skeleton.

Check out his website at

(Our previously announced program, Maiya Greaves demonstrating Pilates, will be held in the Spring.)

We may have already celebrated birthdays from one of these months, but let's do it again: December, January and February. Hope to see you there!

Have questions, announcements or suggestions?

We'd love to hear them!

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